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After-School Care

The programme aims to provide each child with educational and emotional support and guidance, through a warm, nurturing and inspiring learning environment.

Programme Focus:

  • Homework support

  • Supervised study sessions (Extra practice, etc.)

  • Enrichment activities (Online learning, reading, etc.)

  • Educational/Character building activities (moral stories)

  • Meals provided: Nutritious and balanced meals are catered for lunch and snack.

Eligible Age: 7 - 12 years of age

Scheme A (After School 1.30/2pm - 7pm) (Including food):


  • Scheme A1 (5-Day Mon-Fri)

  • Scheme A2 (6-Day Mon-Sat/Sun)  

Scheme B (School Holidays--Full Day: Mon-Fri) (9.00am-6.30/7pm)

Scheme C (Emergency / temporary /

short-term care)

*All fees need to be paid before the class commencement of each new month/term accordingly.

*Deposit of one month fee is required. One month notice is required if students decide to withdraw. Deposit fee is not refundable, but will be used as the fee for the last month/the last 4 weeks.

*There is a one-time $50 registration fee if it is the first time you are registering with us. Payment of registration fees will be made upon confirmation.

* Payment can be in Cash, Cheque or by PayNow/PayLah (91184351). Cheque payment should be crossed and made payable to "New Ideas Language School".

SMS/WhatsApp: Ms Lee – 91184351

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