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Wisdom is the fountain of life, love is the fountain of education. Care, respect and understanding are the first principles of education. As the Principal and teachers of New Ideas Language School, we care and cherish our students’ curiosity and thirst for learning, and all other beautiful nature and feelings; respect and understand students’ characters and differences; help every student to make significant progress in academic and obtain comprehensive development in capabilities, characters and values, etc.


Our education benefits and prepares the students for not only the present but also the future. We instil belief in our students that -- Just acquiring knowledge will not suffice, everyone who wants to excel in future development must know how to learn independently, so that, she/he is able to be an outstanding lifelong learners and show more self-confidence to face challenges and solve problems in the future even without teachers’ guidance.


Education career comprises noble missions and responsibilities. We strive to sow the seeds of wisdom and benevolence into the heart of every student, to embark on a wonderful life. The supreme state of education is to make students receive education in a happy and enjoyable atmosphere. Every our student can sail on the vast learning sea with joy and study in both ethics and competence.


We value each student's progress and growth as every student’s success is our achievement! We devote ourselves in cultivating every student to make him to feel the sweetness of success. The joy of students also keeps our lives in brilliant bloom!


We wish all our students to adore learning always, be ethical and competent, achieve progress continuously, and possess fruitful harvest and blooming mirth!


Ms. Li Yuejiao









For our Children’s Tomorrow

学海泛舟    快乐相随    



学无止境    德智兼修

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