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   K1 & K2 (Preschool) 





Chinese: Phonics (汉语拼音),

           literacy, Vocab, Oral, 

           Reading & Writing, etc.

英文:语音拼读 (Phonics)、语法、


English: Phonics, Grammar,    

          Vocab, Oral, Reading &  

          Writing, etc.


Class Size: 1-4/5 students 

SMS: Ms Lee (李老师) – 91184351

Why Choose the P1 Preparatory Programme of New Ideas Language School


  • Covering the content in the MOE curriculum of 1A, such as Han Yu Pin Yin, characters and vocabularies, sentences, to help children in their school work.

  • With the additional external teaching and learning materials, guiding students to expand their reading exposure, widening their knowledge and improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking skills effectively.

  • Providing for children with read aloud & conversation practices to increase their self-confidence and improve their communication skills rapidly.

  • Helping children to familiarise with various aspects of primary learning, such as spelling and tests (for K2) through regular and constant guidance and practice.

  • 包含了教育部小一课程的内容 (1A),比如汉语拼音、识写字、词汇、句子、常识等。此外,也提供更为丰富的教学资料,引导学生增广知识,并有效地提高听说读写及思考能力。

  • 在教学中渗透朗读及会话训练,提高学生的自信与沟通能力。通过定期的指导和训练,帮助学生熟悉并更好地适应小学的学习要求,比如听写、测验等。

EL/Maths/Sci Weekly Programme

Why Choose Us?


  • Following the syllabus in MOE school textbooks, with the additional external teaching and learning materials, guiding students to expand their reading exposure, widening their knowledge and improving their skills effectively.


  • Reinforcing English words, terms & phrases grouping in analysis, understanding and use, and training reading comprehension to improve children’s comprehensive abilities.


  • Providing regular revision and holistic assessments & mock tests/exams for all subjects to prepare students academically and emotionally for actual examinations which meet the requirement of the MOE curriculum.

  • Training students to build up firm foundation, ensure that they are fully developed and prepared for upper primary/secondary and subsequently the PSLE/“O” Levels.


  • All materials are up-to-date with the latest MOE syllabus and exam formats.

  • The excellent and effective teaching ensures that every student will show improvement over time regardless of his foundation and ability.


  • Class Size: K1, K2 & Pri: 1-5 Students per class; Sec: 1-3/4 Students; JC: 1-2 Students

  • 包含并强化全部教育部的课程内容及考试大纲。

  • 同时,也提供更为丰富的教学资料,引导学生扩展阅读,增广知识,并有效地提高听说读写及思考能力。

  • 在英文教学中渗透朗读及会话训练,提高学生的自信与沟通能力。

  • 通过定期的指导和训练,帮助学生更好地熟悉并应对所有科目的各种测验与考试。

  • 小班教学:学前及小学:每班1-5个学生; 中学:每班1-3/4个学生; 初院:每班1-2个学生。


Our Teachers: Competent, highly qualified and MOE/NIE-trained.



本中心同时提供“AEIS国际学生入学考试”考前准备课程 (The Admissions Exercise for International Students)。


SMS: Ms Lee (李老师) – 91184351

SMS: Ms Lee (李老师) – 91184351

Our Curriculum

New Ideas Language School provides broad curriculum which are designed meticulously to maximumly cater for different needs of every unique individual age 5 and up.

We follow the MOE guidelines for curriculum and examinations. In our Happy Classes for Primary and Secondary Level, students are provided with the exact and effective methods of learning and technology of preparing for examinations.

The Desired Student Learning Outcomes for All-Rounded Development Curriculu

Competence (才能)

An active learner

  • Shows interest, passion and initiative in learning; applies past knowledge to new situations.

  • Makes continuous progress or keeps competitiveness with outstanding performance in academic.

  • Displays excellent skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in learning and assessment.


A Critical thinker

  • Thinks flexibly with different perspectives.

  • Possesses integrating thinking skills in comprehensive imagination, analytic, inference, logic, and creativity, etc.

  • Solves problems and makes decision in real life situations by using integrating thinking skills.


An Effective communicator

Demonstrates integrating skills in using CL/EL for effective communication in the ways of –

  • Strives for accurate interpersonal communication in both written and oral form.

  • Clear and logical expression; confident and creative presenting.


Character & Emotions (品格与情绪)

  • Shows filial piety to the parents; forms good habits in learning and life; manages impulsivity with self- control.

  • Shows independence and sense of responsibility in learning, working and life.

  • Possesses the awareness of self-motivation and surpass-self to give of the best.

  • Shows encourage and self-confidence to face challenges in examination, studying, life, etc.

  • Displays accurate and positive attitude and emotions to mistakes, failures or other setback.

  • Demonstrates an understanding and respect for others’ uniqueness and cultural differences.

  • Demonstrates the five values of New Ideas Language School: Respect, Benevolence, Integrity, perseverance and creativity.


We will continuously explore and actively include creativity in curriculum and teaching for our students to reach for maximum achievement.  Together with the support from parents, we believe that every student can move towards a splendid future in holistic development.

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