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*Start from Jan  *For P1-6 students  *Once a week



古为今用  取其精华  启发智慧  感悟人生    Effective   Enjoyable   Creative





Di Zi Gui means standards for being a good student and child. It is an ancient Chinese book handed down to us from ancient Chinese Saints and sages. The source for the outline of this book was selected from Analects of Confucius.


Confucius taught us that being dutiful to one’s parents and being respectful to one’s teachers are the basis of a person’s good virtues. One must do the filial piety to his parents, before he is qualified to have a place in the world. The standards in Di Zi Gui are seemingly ordinary, but if the children practice them conscientiously, the parents will feel/enjoy rejoicing that cannot be replaced by anything.



  • Introduction 总叙

  • Chapter 1: At Home, Be Dutiful to Your Parents 入则孝

  • Chapter 2: Standards for a Younger Brother When Away from Home 出则弟

  • Chapter 3: Be Cautious in Your Daily Life 谨

  • Chapter 4: Be Trustworthy 信

  • Chapter 5: Love All Equally 泛爱众

  • Chapter 6: Be Close to and Learn from People of Virtue and Compassion 亲仁

  • Chapter 7: Study Further and Learn Literature and Art to Improve Your Cultural and Spiritual Life 余力学文


Why learn Di Zi Gui from New Ideas Language School -- Benefits:

1. 读经识字,提升华文;诵读美文,培养语感。


  • 增加识字量、词汇量。

  • 培养语言的感受和运用能力。

  • 得到听说读写思忆的全面提升。

  • 激发学习兴趣,促进学业进步。


2. 启蒙养正,成就品格;增长学识,改善气质。

  • 如《易经》所云:“蒙以养正。”对孩童应该在幼年没开蒙的时候施以正确的教育,正气才有机会滋养。这时培养儿童的心性和行为,关键在于“正而无邪”,即“正心、正德、正见、正行。”通过《弟子规》,我们帮助学生成就优秀品格,养成良好习惯,懂得人生道理,能在生活中以感恩反哺之心孝顺父母,以感激尊敬之心对待老师,以平等仁和之心对待大众,善待所有长辈,友爱兄弟姐妹,帮助同学朋友,并做最好的自己!

  • 学习《弟子规》的过程中还会接触到《论语》、《三字经》、《千字文》、《二十四孝故事》、《德育故事》等相关内容,其中蕴含了大量的风俗礼仪、人文智慧、成语典故、伦理道德等传统文化精髓。这些文化熏陶不仅使学生增长学识,拥有良好的心态,也使他们懂礼仪有风度,气质高贵优雅,仪态落落大方。


3. 启发智慧,发展智能;开发全脑,发掘潜能。



1. Enhancing Chinese Language and Cultivating Language Sense

Classic texts contain ingenious rhetoric, beautiful rhyme, smooth and mellifluous statements, elaborate and well-conceived articles, richful allusions, etc. Through unique and effective methods, we help students –

  • Increase recognition of characters and vocabularies.

  • Nurture language sensory and usage ability.

  • Improve comprehensively in listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and memorising.

  • Inspire the interest in learning to promote significant progress academically.


2. Shaping Character, Forming Habits and Improving Temperament

  • We should start the right education for the young as early as we can in his life. At this point in time, the key of nurturing the child’s character, mindset and behaviour lies in “Righteousness”. “One must have a righteousness heart, values, vision and conduct.” Through Di Zi Gui, we help students to groom excellent characters and nurture good habits to understand the value of life, learn about filial piety to parents with gratitude and returns, show respect for teachers with appreciation, display equality to all with kindheartedness, be kind to all elders, love to the siblings, help classmates and friends, and give all their best!


  • In the process of learning Di Zi Gui, our students are also guided to explore the related content of the Analects of Confucius (Lun Yu), Three Character Classic (San Zi Jing), Thousand Character Classic (Qian Zi Wen), Twenty-four Stories about Filial Piety (stories about 24 filial sons and daughters in Chinese history), Stories on Traditional Virtues, etc. which consist of a great deal of essence of traditional culture, such as idioms and allusion, customs and manners, ethics and morals, philosophy intelligence and humanities concern, etc. From these materials and with our guidance, our students are able to not only increase acquirement and possess a positive attitude, but also understand etiquette and have noble temperament with poised demeanor and graceful deportment.


3. Enlightening Wisdom, Stretching Potential and Developing Whole Brain & Multiple Intelligence

We integrate the development of Whole Brain & Multiple Intelligence into our teaching strategies and methods. Through various effective and interactive activities, our programme of Di Zi Gui is designed to stretch our students’ thinking and activate their potential, to improve intelligence and brainpower significantly, and develop comprehensive capacities in linguistic, comprehension, communication, leadership, logic, observation, creativity, imagination and introspection, etc.


Training Strategies and Methods

  • 采用先进灵活、行之有效的教学策略与方法,激发学生的求知欲与学习兴趣。

  • 重视师生之间的互动,推行以学生为中心的教学与训练模式。

  • 强调学贵力行、活学活用,提供了丰富多彩的实践活动,比如故事、游戏、竞赛、小组讨论、亲子互动等。

  •  “弟子规生活力行表”,促进学生学以致用。

  • 鼓励并确保每个学生参与活动。

  • Adopt teaching strategies and methods proven the most effective, advanced and flexible, to arouse our students’ curiosity and interest.

  • Emphasise student-teacher interaction, and promote student-centred teaching & training models.

  • Focus on learning to practise and live, and provide colourful and practical activities, such as stories, games, competitions, group discussion, parent-child interaction activities, etc.

  • The form of “Di Zi Gui Practice in Daily Life” and Reporting Presentation to Parents promote our students to apply what they have learned to practice.

  • Encourage and ensure every individual to participate in the activities.


* Payment of registration fees will be made upon confirmation. Course fees must be paid before the class commencement.

* Payment can be in Cash, Cheque or by PayNow/PayLah (91184351).

Cheque payment should be crossed and made payable to "New Ideas Language School". 

* New Ideas Language School reserves the right to amend the course details.

SMS/WhatsApp: Ms Lee – 9118 4351

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