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About Us

New Ideas Language School is a professional tuition centre registered with MOE, with a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, advocating professionalism and dedication and providing top notch tutoring in a variety of subjects for preschool to tertiary level students and adults: Affordable, Quality and Effective Tutoring in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science (Group & Individual).

We provide various creative and effective programs for our students to be empowered with the latest and practical strategies in stretching their potential to explore expanded knowledge, inspire learning interest, enhance holistic abilities, develop well-rounded thinking, nurture good habits and instill life values, both academically and throughout their life.

We value students’ creativity, thinking, opinions, characters, habits, emotions, morals and life values while stretching their potential and abilities in academic. We always show our care, dedication, integrity, honour, respect, sympathy, trust and capability to give students positive and far-reaching influence in learning.

All students in New Ideas Language School just like enjoying a happy and exciting journey due to our creative methods. We are confident that all students, regardless of their abilities, background and needs, will improve under our continual guidance and training.

We are looking forward to working together with you, providing an enjoyable and effective learning journey and creating a brilliant future for our students who will have a new look from learning to life.

Our Values

Our Vision

Professionalism allows us to command respect, dedication urges us to inculcate students with indefatigability, innovation helps us to break through limitations.

Being full of benevolence, love and wisdom makes us understand the needs of students perfectly and care for them to the utmost, nobility of character makes us sow the seeds of happy, respect, understanding, compassio, love, honesty, integrity, and wisdom into the heart of every student, to lead a wonderful life.

We lead our students to reach one pinnacle of success and creativity after another. This stems from our faith and enthusiasm to the cause of education, research and innovation on the teaching methods, inspiration and enlightenment to all the students, and trust and support from the parents and students.

To surpass ourselves through continuous innovation and excel continuously by surpassing ourselves. We are making every effort to strive for excellence to create the most trusted Singapore brand and become a leading and professional language education institution with high quality.

Willing to work together with you today, to create success, realise the ideals and pave the way to our students’ brilliant tomorrow. 






Our Mission

We strongly believe that what we are devoting ourselves into is a brilliant career of enlightening the hearts, and what we are shouldering is a noble mission of leading the lives. With perseverance, we actively commit to --

  • Emphasis on all-rounded development of students' multiple intelligence, overall concern on students’ academic, abilities, potential, creativity, thinking, characters, morals, emotions and life values, nurturing students in both ethics and competence, and helping every learner to achieve dream of success.

  • Take Chinese as a medium, providing optimal integrated education and training for the students, educators, enthusiasts, and any others with learning needs from all parts of the society.

  • Carrying forward the splendid Chinese traditional culture, promoting positive values, facilitating the proper use and effective communication of Chinese language, and maximizing the usage of Chinese language in people's daily life and career.


我们坚信为之投身的是启迪心灵的光辉事业,肩负的是引领人生的高尚使命。我们坚持不懈并积极致力于 ——

  • 全面发展学生的多元智能,全面关注学生的学业、技能、潜力、创意、思维、个性、品德、情绪及价值观等,帮助每一位学习者德才兼修、成就梦想。

  • 以华语为载体,为莘莘学子、教育者、爱好者以及其他任何有需要的社会各界人士提供最佳的综合教育和培训课程。

  • 弘扬灿烂的华夏传统文化,推广积极的人生价值观,推动华语文的正确使用及有效沟通,促进华语文最大限度地融入人们的日常生活及职场领域。

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