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  • Founder of Singapore New Ideas Language School.

  • Outstanding educator in Psychology, Education and Chinese Language. Her expertise and guidance won numerous MOE teachers’, parents and students’ high respect during her long term serving as a MOE teacher and senior teacher appointed by the Singapore MOE and the school due to her excellent achievement in education.

  • Professional and senior writer, editor and advisor of teaching and learning materials, and assessment tools including test/exam papers for MOE schools.

  • Highly experienced in teaching Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Chinese Literature, Speech & Drama, Psychology, School and Family Education, Habits of Mind (such as “Thinking flexibly”, “Creating, imagining, innovating”, “Taking responsible risks”, etc.) and CME in MOE schools of Singapore and China with a wide range of levels.

  • Held the post of Mentor and Supervisor to the school teachers during taking charge of the MT Department of the MOE school, to guide, instruct, monitor and help them improve their professionalism through providing expert knowledge and skills in teaching pedagogy, subject areas, technology in learning, curriculum design, lesson conducting, holistic assessment, test/exam paper setting, marking, counselling, etc. to optimise learning objectives of all pupils across different levels and abilities, and also served as RO and Mentor to train NIE trainees & beginning teachers sent by MOE as well.

  • Accumulated rich experience as a PSLE oral examiner and PSLE papers marker for many years and a member of the leader group in a cluster for recent years, and is very familiar with the PSLE marking instruction & standard as well.

  • Organised or conducted numerous professional and effective teaching practices, pedagogy & knowledge sharing sessions for CL teachers from the MOE schools, cluster, nation and internation, eg. Sharing “How to mark compositions effectively” in the inaugural international conference held by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language and MOE in 2009, sharing “Creativity in Chinese activities and teaching” in the 2010 CL Sharing Session of S6 @ Nanyang JC, sharing “Training Oral Skills through Lesson Study” in the National Symposium on Lesson Studies @ Mee Toh School 2011, invited by the MOE Curriculum Planning Officer to be an external expert for lesson study of Princess Elizabeth Primary School in 2010, etc.

  • Always actively collaborates with parents. She has established strong rapport with parents and also committed to conduct parent & child workshops, seminars and programmes, such as “How to guide and help your children to learn hanyupinyin through effective methods”, “Parents’ role and strategy in preparing for your children’s PSLE”, “Effective communication between parents and children”, etc. to promote positive family education, as she believes that parents are the first teachers of their children.

  • Published papers, reports and articles in educational books, newspapers and magazines from Singapore and China, eg. The research paper on “Effective Chinese composition teaching, marking and learning” (《有效的华文作文教学与评改》) in the international conference held by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language and MOE,  the study report of “Training Oral Skills through Creative methods”(《创意口语训练方法》) in the Singapore National Primary Lesson Study Sharing Book (《全国小学课例研究分享》), the lesson report of “Good Oral communication ability”   (《口语交际要得体》) in The Most Excellent Lesson Design and Conduct Sharing Book (《最优教学设计与实施报告分享》) published by the Education College of Dalian China.

  • Held the Chairman post of the National Inter-primary On-the-spot Chinese Poetry Writing Competition Committee for five successive years from 2007 to 2011. The competition achieved great success every year during her tenure. 《早安您好》of Media Corp,《联合早报》and《新明日报》of SPH reported the competition and the prize-giving ceremony respectively.《新加坡儿童报》did a coverage on it. It was highly acclaimed by Mr Tng H S, Superintendent of South Cluster Schools who graced the 2nd Prize-giving Ceremony as the Guest of Honour.

  • Was interviewed by 《早安您好》of Media Corp. She spoke about “How to motivate pupils’ interest and passion in learning Chinese using poem-teaching methods” in the interview.

  • Is experienced in training students to participate in various National Chinese Competitions. Most of the students trained by her won the 1st prize or 2nd prize in Impromptu Speech, Story Telling, Creative Writing, Story Writing, Poetry Writing, etc.

  • Was awarded many honours for her excellence in education during her teaching career, eg. the 1st Prize in the First Most Excellent Lesson Competition in Dalian China, the Best Imparting and Educating Teacher Honour of 7th Teachers’ Commendation of ZhongShan Zone Dalian China, the Award of Value Added Contributions towards the Achievement of the PSLE Results from the school of Singapore MOE due to her students’ achievements of significant improvement and outstanding performance in national examinations.

  • Through continuous research, exploration, updating and accumulation, she has summed up a set of teaching ideas and methods proven effective for students in improving their mastery of the language, realising their own potential and owning great passion in learning. 

  • Has taught and nurtured students with different and effective strategies and methods according to their different learning styles, abilities and characteristics.

  • Is good at inspiring students’ learning interest & passion, and motivating them to take intellectual challenges and study collaboratively and independently.

  • Has applied flexible and effective teaching and learning strategy to benefit and prepare students for both the present and the future, and also encouraged and guided students to create or find out the most appropriate learning methods for themselves as well.

Our Principal

Ms Li Yuejiao

9在补习中心(半身像) (2).jpg

Due to her great enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication in education, Ms Li Yuejiao has received numerous positive comments and wide acclaim from parents and students. Under Ms Li Yuejiao’s leading, New Ideas Language School, together with our parents, is striving for our students to make significant progress in Chinese and bring them more splendid future in holistic development.

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