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Innovative Tutoring in CL, EL, Math and Sci 

(Group & Individual) (K1-2, Pri & Sec)

Real Cases:

Oh Zhen Ying (From Ang Mo Kio Pri School)

Compared to her result before she started tuition,

she has improved more than 50 marks in CL PSLE (from E to A)!!!


Tan Jing Sheng (From Ang Mo Kio Pri School)

Improved up to 40 Marks in 5 Months in P6 CL Exam!

Ho Yung Yui Geroy (From Xin Min Pri School)

Compared to his result before he started tuition, he has improved more than 50 marks in P4 CL SA2 results.

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Picture5 (弟子规).png

   Enrollment is in Process!


Start from Jan 

Di Zi Gui Happy Class

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until 31st Dec

 Welcome to New Ideas Language School


Help our children win from the start!




For our Children’s Tomorrow

Wisdom is the fountain of life, love is the fountain of education. Care, respect and understanding are the first principles of education ...

Why New Ideas Language School

Experienced Professionals

The staff at New Ideas Language School are all trained professionals who excel in their field.

The excellent and effective teaching ensures that every student will show improvement over time regardless of his foundation and ability.

Unique Approach

We have a set of unique and effective teaching methods to quickly promote the progress of students. The teaching method is based on an innovative and result-oriented technique that helps students overcome barriers to bring concrete results. 

Amazing Results

About 98% of our students from this/past years achieved at least 1 to 3 grades improvement. Many students improved more than 20 marks in CL/EL/Maths/Sci, even up to 50 marks! There are also a good few students who scored full marks or jumped to the top of the class!


Small Groups

EL/M/Sci: K1, K2 & Pri: 1-4/5 Students; Sec: 1-3/4            Chinese:   K1, K2 & Pri: 1-5/6 Students; Sec: 1-4/5

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